Frequently Asked Questions


What Kind of Band is Thunder?

Thunder is known as a top notch event band specializing in classic rock and R&B. If you love the sound of Chicago or Blood, Sweat and Tears, then you will love this band. You can absolutely count on this band to deliver a party that surpasses your highest expectations every time they appear. We don't care what type of event you are hosting or how many partygoers there may be, you WILL have a good time.

What does a typical event with Thunder look like?

No two events are the same and no two performances are alike. The best use of the band is one cocktail dinner set and a three-hour non-stop show. Thunder is very approachable and interactive, and everyone is quickly involved in the fun. The band can also emcee awards or ceremonies, assist with the cutting of the cake or get your CEO, birthday boy/girl on stage for some interactive fun.

What is special about Thunder?

We specialize in making sure everyone has a great time. You'll find out that the band isn't just performing for a paycheck, this band has fun and the audience has fun as well. The party will always happen because the band is passionate about what they do

How much does Thunder cost?

The price of the band varies greatly, depending on many factors such as travel, production requirements, and time of year. Thunder is a eleven-piece band with different pricing options dependent upon the time of play and type of event you are planning. Our booking agent is willing to work with you to help fit your entertainment budget.

How can I hire Thunder for my event?

If you have seen Thunder perform, or if someone who has seen the band recommended the band to you, the best thing to do is to contact the entertainment consultant who booked the band at that event. They will already be familiar with the band, and will be a great help in guiding you through the contracting process. Of course, any entertainment provider or event planner with whom you may already have a comfortable relationship can assist in hiring the band

What experience does Thunder have?

Thunder's band members have over three decades of collective experience in the industry and know how to work a crowd. The band will be your ally in creating the wedding party you are hoping for. Thunder is easy to work with and committed to the success of your party.

What contact will I have with the band before the event?

Every detail of the timeline will be discussed well in advance to insure a smoothly-running, fun and exciting party. Please let the band know about songs for special dances as soon as possible so they can prepare for you.